Progress of All Sorts

This weekend was a wee bit crazy around here.

We decided to have a yard sale…and goodness do we have a lot of stuff. This is the third time trying to have a sale this year – the first was rained out, the second was hot as blazes, and this time the wind was insane (we lost most of our signs). We made a little to go towards our Disneyland trip, and the rest was taken to charity.

Really, to clarify, the entire truck of an SUV was taken to charity…

How did we get so much stuff?!

I hate clutter and don’t hang on to things, but even still, we collect random things around us. I suppose that speaks to our consumer culture…but that’s a topic for another day.

I did manage to get my monograms done while waiting for bargain hunters to stop by, so the weekend wasn’t a total flop!


I am waiting to hear from the customer if she wants the hoops painted, and then I can close them up and ship. I love these initial/monogram hoops. I like to imagine that they will be treasured for years to come.

I also got to start on the last portion of a three piece order. A Cheshire Cat! This pattern is working up so fast, which is a relief after the fiddly Stitch doll.


I’m anticipating that he will be done in another evening or maybe two.

I also got a few more listings saved to my Etsy. Its a slow process really. Product photos are stumping me. I have the correct set up everyone suggests, good camera…but I don’t know. I just feel like they are flat. I’m sure I’ll get there.

How was the weekend in your neck of the woods?

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes