Back at it…I hope!

Whew. Its been a while. The holidays got me, vacation, and then some not so fun things (illness, layoffs, oh my!).

A run down of awesome stuff I didn’t get to write about –

– A Disneyland vacation! We went in early December and it was worth all the planning and every penny we saved. We won’t go again for a couple years, but we’re already planning!

– Christmas was awesome. Really, having kids at Christmas is more fun than being a kid at Christmas. I enjoyed making things for my boys which I snuck in at the last minute.


– New designs for the shop. The dinos above are there now, along with mermaids and baby dragons! There is also a new option I’m super excited about – custom look-alike dolls!



The base pattern is based on the amazing book, AmiguruME. I’m looking forward to making more Hogwarts students (made to look like YOU or someone you know!) and other characters.

Well I’ll leave off here, but I’m back and promise to write more often.


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