OOAK Dolls and Wrapping Up Orders

Whew! I have been busy crocheting like mad. The big order I have talked about is finally done! Six figures, including two designs I’ve never made before.


The Batman is not a new design – he’s the same as Cap, just with alterations. I’m working on a whole hero line based on my pattern. The Hello Kitty (who’s design process I showed here) is new, and so is the doll to the left.

The Skeleton Girl doll was a request I wasn’t sure how to translate – a Monster High inspired doll, but more little girl and less sexy Barbie. Her design started with a base drawing for proportions.


When I design this way, I literally draw the idea life size and lay the doll on the drawing as I go to check size. It works very well for me. The legs, body, and head of this doll were all one piece, so less sewing was involved. But I made up for that easy sewing part with stitched details all over and over 100 strands of awesome mermaid-zombie hair.


I really love the grey hair versus going all black or some other color. It adds a lot of texure and sass.

And while Batman wasn’t a new design, he did get a cool feature – a hand stitched fabric cape. I didn’t want to make a crocheted cape because it would be heavy and not very bat-like. So this was fun to stitch up and add a special touch to the doll.


So that wraps up that order! Which of the group is your favorite?

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes

One thought on “OOAK Dolls and Wrapping Up Orders

  1. They all look great! The skeleton girl is such a great idea. My niece is 7 and has the Monster High dolls and I hate that she has them. A little too inappropriate, I think anyway. You made a cute alternative. 🙂


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