New Designs and Toy Box Friends

Happy November!

Goodness me, I mean to keep up better here but don’t always get the chance. I have been crocheting like a mad woman to get orders out and clear some time for myself, painting, and trip prep.


I have new Lovey Doll designs to work on. I have Leia done (I do love Star Wars characters!) and a Hulk doll on my hook right now. I need to make up another Baymax or two, and finish a Batman and a doll. Whew. No pressure.



I also have a craft swap to make for and I’m excited to be bringing out my paints for much of it. I don’t get to paint often, but it was really my first love in the world of art.

I’m also working on things for our Disneyland trip (in 30ish days!!!). Mainly I’m making some busy books/file folder games for the plane rides. A four year old and two year old on four plane rides…we are going to need an arsenal of things with us.


I’m making a Christmas tree decorating scene, a shape and button matching game, a Big Hero 6 matching puzzle game, Disney shadow match…and I’m sure I’ll add more things. Which reminds me I need to get laminating sheets…

Halloween has come and gone and I can’t resist showing off our family theme this year – Toy Story! The kids are crazy for Toy Story and it’s just such a cute (and easy) theme to work with for a group. Our oldest was Woody, the youngest was Buzz, and daddy and I were Mr and Mrs Potato Head.


I made our shirts with just a long sleeve brown shirt, some felt, and glue. No sewing required! If I were to do it over I would have added the ears and the hats too, but I was going for quick and simple considering my long to do list. We were in the paper and on TV because of our family theme, so it was a lot of fun!


The kids aren’t going to let us do family themes forever, so I figure I’ll do it to the max for as long as I can!


I hope everyone had a good Halloween and is ready for a wonderful November. Keep an eye here for a lot of fun crafting and soon….Elf on the Shelf crafts! (yep, we are a crazy elf family!)

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes


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