The Best Gift of All

So this weekend we went to one of our first “real” kids birthday parties. Not family, not just cake and food. A real, planned little kid party.

Now I throw parties like this, because I’m crazy. (seriously crazy…have you seen this cake I made for our last party?)


But we haven’t been to someone else’s planned and awesome party. The kids are just getting to the age now where it’s going to be a (fun) part of the social rounds with their friends.

So any who…

This party was for a little girl who loves Star Wars – and especially Darth Vader. I wish I had taken a picture, but we all dressed up. Hubby was Chewbacca, I was Leia, and the kids were Padawans in little tunics I made from plain muslin.

I was going over and over in my mind about what to make for her present. Obviously the stores are full of Star Wars merch but I knew other people would be getting it for her too.

Plus I like to make things.

I was going to make a hat but wasn’t sure which pattern I wanted to make. I waited and waited. Then less than 24 hours before the party I decided she NEEDED a set of Star Wars dolls.

I crocheted my little fingers off and made this duo, complete with lightsabers so they can have their epic battle.


When she opened them it was just too sweet. Her eyes got big and she ran over and gave me a hug. It was just the best thing ever.

Normally I make these toys and dolls and send them off in the mail, never getting to see the reaction of the recipient. I always hope they bring a smile and are played with and loved, but I just don’t get to see that part of it.

So it was a special gift for me to be able to give these to someone in person!

In case anyone is curious, I used the Star Wars mini patterns by Lucy Collins, and you can find them here.

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