The Design Process

Hello Kitty is done so I thought it would be fun to show progression photos as I designed and stitched her!

I’ve already shown the head, but here it is again –


Then with the head to help me figure out scale I moved on to the feet. Why feet next? Because I really love to make the feet, legs, and body all one piece.


With the legs done and connected I worked up the body, giving her a little roundness since the character is round and sweet.


Then I added arms, measuring against the body as I worked to keep proportions correct. I also made shoes. Notice I didn’t stitch on the head yet – that important for later.


Then I sewed the arms on a row down from the neck. Not having the head on makes it easier to attach the arms when they need to be high like that and makes it easier to get them even. It also lets you design the dress and try it on as you go without too much trouble.

I was able to stitch a row on the dress, slip it on, take it off, stitch some more, etc. If the head was on that would have been a big pain.

Then I slipped the dress on, stitched it down, sewed on the head, sewed on straps for the sleeves, and she was done!


I really love her sweet ballerina look!

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes


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