The Right Side of an Amigurumi

I showed you the invisible decrease in my last post. Now I want to show you the other Amigurumi secret to help your stuffed toys look their best.

Amigurumi “fabric” has a right side and a wrong side just like most fabrics. When the right side faces out the toy is shapely and smooth. When the wrong side faces out it can distort the shape and it gives an odd texture to the outside of the toy.

The way I originally learned about right side and wrong side (apart from doing it wrong a time or two) is from the look of the stitches.

On the right side, the stitches are little “v” shapes and you can’t see the top rail of the stitch rows.


The wrong side looks rougher and has “t” shapes.


You can also see that the wrong side being out makes the top row lean in, which makes it hard to get your hook in comfortably. Its an odd angle.

But here is the new super secret method I just learned about about for knowing you have the right side facing out…your hook direction!

If you are inserting your hook from the outside to the inside, you have the fabric correct. If you are crocheting from the inside of the shape to the outside you have the wrong side out.

I wish someone had told me that to start with. 😮 Its an easy way to remember.

Another small note – crochet through both loops unless a direction says otherwise. It makes for smoother fabric too.

So hopefully with these two little tips your Amigurumi start out looking fabulous and you don’t have so many bumps in the road. Or in your ami. 😉

Keep an eye out for more tutorials in the future, like adding features and hair!


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