Order Updates, Etsy Shop Keeping, and Designing

Whew, this weekend was crazy. For one thing, the whole family has a head cold. With little ones who can’t exactly blow noses yet, it’s a pain. Plus moms don’t get to take sick days. 😣

We muddled through the weekend and a lot of normal chores didn’t get done. But, I made time for crochet of course!

Baymax was finished (did I post about him already? I don’t think so) and he is cute as always. I have made him many times now and I just love the pattern. This is actually the first Amigurumi I ever made, so each time I make another Baymax I can see how far my skills have progressed.


I also finished a mini Yoda, who you can see hanging out there with Baymax. My mini Star Wars characters are all from Lucy Collins patterns and I just love them so much. Fast but detailed, and oh so cute.

Then I started on this Hello Kitty –


I wasn’t finding a pattern I liked in correct proportions or “look”, so I’m making her up myself. My husband reminds me all the time I design Amigurumi very well on my own and that I should use less patterns, but I don’t always listen. Well, this time I did. The rest of this order will all be my own designs as well (patterns I’ve written for myself), so it’s really going to be fun!

I don’t have an issue with patterns – I love supporting designers who manage to take a character right from the screen or book and make them into yarn sculptures. Many times, it is easier for me to quickly work up a well written pattern than it would be for me to write down (and rework and frog and rework) a pattern of my own. When time is money, I just don’t always have time to make everything from the first stitch on up.

But there is something magical about making a pattern and seeing my design come to life. 😀 This Hello Kitty is going to be a lot of fun!

This weekend I also did a couple important things towards getting my Etsy open. I opened a separate business bank account (prior to this I was just using Paypal, but I decided to go with Etsy’s new Direct Checkout), listed some more items, wrote out all my shop sections (about, policies, shipping, etc), and started nailing down my packaging options in line with my branding.

The only down part of the weekend? It was our seven year Anniversary and my husband and I didn’t get to do anything together. 😥 But we have each other, and our crazy gremlins, and that is magic enough. 💗

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2 thoughts on “Order Updates, Etsy Shop Keeping, and Designing

  1. Your little Hello Kitty is adorable! I really appreciate your previous blog article regarding the right and wrong sides of Amigurumi projects and how to tell the difference. I will be reposting that article on my blog.


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