The Invisible Decrease – a not so secret Ami secret

As I was just starting in Amigurumi I didn’t know a thing. I started in this journey because my son wanted a Baymax doll be he wanted ME to make it. I don’t sew, but I remembered having pinned a million crochet toys on Pinterest.

I had just started to crochet and had made precisely one blanket and two pairs of booties. So obviously the next jump was to 3D characters right?

So I started with balls. After all, the ball and tube are the basic shapes most Ami are made with. My first balls were how shall we say…not very great. Both were “inside out” and one had invisible decreases, but being inside out, they were NOT invisible.

Before I started on the Baymax doll I read and searched for things to improve my figures. One of the biggest “secrets” I learned was the invisible decrease!

You see, a normal decrease in crochet leaves an extra loop, which makes a bump. On a flat piece this doesn’t stand out, but on spherical shapes it does.


When you are decreasing around on a figure those loops and bumps add up fast and leave a lumpy surface – a surface that is normally at the top of the shape and close to the eye. So we want to eliminate that. Here is how.

Crochet up to your decrease stitch as usual. Then instead of the normal decrease (go through first stitch, pull up a loop, go through next stitch pull up a loop, yarn over and finish stitch) you do this:


To do this you go under the first front loop, then lower the hook and angle it under the second front loop.


Then you yarn over and pull through the front loops and finish the stitch like a normal single crochet (yarn over, pull through both loops).

Doing your decreases this way leaves no extra loop and makes a smooth surface.

Now there is no reason to do this on pieces worked flat or on most hats or things of that nature. But for Amigurumi it makes things look neat and professional!

Next post I will talk about another “secret”  – the right and wrong side of the fabric when making Ami.


From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes

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