My Craft Room Under the Stairs

Has it really been a week since my last post? Geez. (*note to self, stop being a lazy blogger)

I’ve spent those days wisely in any case, working away on orders and cleaning the Craft Room Under the Stairs.

I think I mentioned back at the start of this blog that I was working on decorating and organizing a little craft space for myself in our under-the-stairs closet. And then I never showed it off!

I’m not totally done but it’s functional and makes me happy (and keeps my kids out of things).

Craft room makeover

And yep, I’m showing it to you in its normal state…the semi-clean one.

My desk is just a plain table with no spots to stuff things because they would get stuffed and I would never want to organize them.

I covered the bench seat in lovely duck cloth and added POMPOMs!


I went to three different stores searching for that pompom trim. It was worth it.

And probably my favorite thing is the pretty mountain of yarn.

Yarn stash

And no….that’s not all my yarn. No, I don’t have a stash problem….

Then I have the other side of the room…and I won’t show it all. Its the part that slopes under the stairs, and well, it’s not exactly organized. 😐

But here is my extra shelving and my wireless printer home.

Messy shelf

Yeah, the other side is prettier. We will stick to that side for all future mentions of my craft room. K? K.

Over years of moving place to place and gathering craft supplies for a million different types of projects, I have a lot of stuff. And I’m still working on organizing it all (and buying containers that work better than what I have currently).

But this weekend I got to hole up in my craftroom basically all weekend and plan and work on new orders and just get things done. It was so nice! (thank you Husband!)

Normally when I work on things it is a mixture of working and fighting off my toddler at the same time, or mediating fights in the middle of stitching, and a million other pauses and interruptions. Fellow moms can commiserate on that truth with me!

But here is a bit of my process this weekend – (and for in the moment updates don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mamabice_makes).








I got a lot of stitching done, stash pulls for a new Amigirumi, planning and organizing, and even finished and shipped a hoop order in one day!

How was your weekend? Did you fit in crafting time?

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes


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