So many WIP…

I have approximately a million projects going right now.

Okay, more like four.

But still.

Normally I am a one-project-at-a-time girl. A monogamous crafter if you will. I don’t let things hibernate or languish. It’s just not my thing.

Right now I have a few orders open and a gift projects.

So a Stitch doll from Lilo and Stitch is working up –


And a Halloween hoop inspired by my love of Disney and missing the fall there –


And I’m working on another pair of rainbow gloves –


And a gift for my Sister In Law who I will see this weekend –


So yep, my fingers are flying (and my hands are sore), but I like a good challenge.

Oh – but some exciting news! My newest project, an Apple Pie Play food set was featured on the front page of Ravelry! As of right now it has over 1000 views and over 100 favorites! I will be releasing the pattern – for free – very soon!


I will be gone this weekend on a family trip, so I know some project bags will go with me for downtime work.

What are your current works in progress?

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes


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