Quick Stich Markers

I was asked recently to do a quick tutorial on stitch markers, so I thought I would put it on the blog as well.

I like to make little stitch markers for swap partners who also do crochet or knitting and for myself as well.

Here are the supplies you need – basically simple jewlery supplies.


I prefer to use earring backs instead of lobster claw clasps. I can open them easier and they have larger openings for larger yarn. Then I use either charms and jump rings -or- beads and head pins.

For the charm style it’s easy – open the jump ring, slide on the charm and the earring back, and close the ring. All done!


For the bead style it takes a step more, and sort of a “feel” for bending the head pin. After a few times you will be able to do it perfectly.

Put your bead(s) on the head pin. Be sure to leave at least 1/4 in of room to bend into a loop.


Then you start to bend the pin to make your loop. You start by bending the pin at a 45* angle at the top of the bead. Then you start to bend the pin around into a loop. You want to do this with several little bends along the pin. Don’t close it yet!


A little note here. If you have a long pin, or less beads, you might have a lot of pin left over. If it looks like it’s more than you need to close the loop, trim off the extra now (your needlenose pliers should have a little cutting part in them).

Than slide on your earring back and close the loop.

Here are the two markers all done!


I hunt the clearance section for interesting beads and charms and watch for sales. I have a bit of a collection now! I still use the little plastic “safety pin” style markers for working most of the time, but when I put a project down for the day (or longer…) I like to use one of these pretty and sturdy stitch markers.

If you knit and prefer ring style markers, you can apply the same idea. I have even made my own polymer clay charms for gift stitch markers for my mom. If you have a crocheter or knitter on your holiday list, this is a great quick gift.

And I won’t lie…some of mine have doubled as earrings a time or two. 😉

From the Desk of MamaBice_Makes


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