Hello Fellow Makers!

Hello everyone! This isn’t my first blog, but it will be my first blog to share my creative endeavors. I hope I can inspire and help, and in turn get inspiration from the amazing community of makers and handmade supporters.

A little about me – I am 27, a wife, and mother of two little boys (4 and almost 2). I have been making and creating for as long as I can remember, from baking with my grandmother to covering my walls with drawings and then taking a year at a boarding school my junior year to focus on the arts.

My most recent focus has been crochet and hand embroidery. I love making anything that could be considered a bit cheeky or geeky.


I will be sharing a lot here, so be sure to subscribe! I am making a craft room out of our cupboard under the stairs (just call me Harrietta Potter) and I have a birthday party to plan and create for very soon (Finding Nemo theme!). I will also be hosting an Instagram craft swap with a Nerdy Holiday theme. (#verynerdyholidayswap)


Follow me on Instagram @mamabice_makes.


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